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Featuring USA's 1981 World Sombo Team Captain Ross Papke and Family
A chip off the old block!  Young Ross Papke is on the left and Ross's son Ben Papke on the right.
Ross & Beth's  email:
Above is Amanda Papke.  Amanda  is Ross & Beth's pride & joy daughter!  She bakes great cookies and  makes super Carmel Corn!
Ben plays on the Blue Flames - with a jet propelled offense that always wins!
To the left, Beth Papke puts Amanda in a "parental" hold down as we play a little judo before going to the VFW for Sandra's
I was in Alaska in December interviewing.  The country around Anchorage was snowy, but not that cold!  Up further north in Fairbanks it was a different story!  Not that much snow, but bitter cold!
Remembering Brenda Day Maxey
Brenda's 8 International Medals
Bruce and Barbara Day (Brenda's parents) accepted the induction award for Brenda to the United States Martial Arts Association  Hall of Fame in St. Louis 8/3/02.
1983 World Sombo Championships
First Place - Madrid, Spain

1984 World Sombo Championships
Second Place - Madrid, Spain

1984 Sombo World Cup
First Place - Caracas, Venezuela

1985 World Sombo Championships
First Place - Madrid, Spain

1985 World Games - Sombo
Second Place - London, England

1986 US Open Judo Championships
Second Place - CO Springs, CO  USA

1987 USSR International Judo Invit.
Third Place - Moscow, Russia

1990 World Sombo Championships
Third Place - Moscow, Russia
Brenda's final resting place is down from the summit, but well above the tree line of Pike's Peak - overlooking Colorado Springs and viewable from her kitchen window.
Brenda and Bill in Sport's Illustrated
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