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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
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All First Place State Judo Champions, right, from 1973 - Midwest Prestressed Concrete Building.  Top:  Marilee Mancuso, Dan Walters, Mary Tessier, TR & Ken O'Bryant.  Sitting:  Danny Murphy, Dave Watson, Bill, George Ginn, Ross Papke & LaVonne Hahn.
The 1986 State Championship Team in Ashton, Sponsored by KSB Hospital.
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Stay tuned for information on the NCIJA's 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Rochellein March or April of 2016!
Guess who?
Hint....  Champion Wrestler - and no,
not  Ross Papke!
Ross Papke is awarded 1st place by Mayor Bill Cipola at the 1974 State Championships.  In the background are more NCIJA folks working the event!
To the right are the North American participants of the 1974 British Open.  Starting with the 3 Canadians on the left:  Bill Gribben, Sue Gribben, and gold medalist Michelle Boileau.  Then Bonnie Korte (silver) Diane Pierce (silver) Linda Richardson (bronze) Mary Krug with the USA's first International Judo Federation gold medal, and coach Bill Maxey.
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