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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
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California or Bust was the battle cry as the NCIJA headed West for the 1974 USJA Junior Nationals held in San Bruno, CA - a trip we will never forget!
We didn't make many stops, but everyone made the most of them.  The white shoe polish that was used on my car was also used at every stop along the way!  That's Jerry Houghtby and Ross Papke up there!
One great stop was for the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  To the left is Rick Futrell, Bruce Miller, Mark Mancuso has his hand up, Bill Maxey, Mike Mancuso, Jerry Houghtby, Towel guy and Dave Hahn.
We experimented to see how big of a rock could rest on Pam Houghtby with Pam still floating on the water.  To the right is Mike Mancuso.  This trip was in August and my heater was stuck on high - so with 13 of us in the car, this was as close to a shower as it got!
Left: Rick Futrell and Marilee Mancuso try for a big splash - but have to miss the cars!
Right:  Marilee hates bugs - or something.  Female thing,
I guess!
Right: Just outside of Reno we slept under the stars. 
It had automatic sprinklers
Left is Rick Futrell looking over the most difficult location for covered wagons making the trip West.  Below:  Bruce, Bill, Pam & Marilee view it.
Phil Porter's Zenbei Club
We travel cheap!  Most sleep on the floor!  Ken Jones (below) rode with T.R.  I'm drive'n home!
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