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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
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In 1976 we had a gang of 9 invade the British Open for Women.  This was to be another historic trip for the NCIJA Judo Team - as documented below!
Counter Clockwise, we depart from O'Hare, make the flight and finally arrive in London.  Oh yes, Lena and Ginger come out of the closet.  To the right are Linda Richardson, T. R. Maxey, Lena Burtman, Sandra Coons & Ginger Lewallen.  H. D. Maxey is below to the left.
Left is Ken & Vicky Erwin and Ginger.  Breakfast at the Tower Hotel comes with the room.... if your not facing a "weigh-in" the morning of competition like the skinny girls below
Above and to the far right the gang travels by train for a little shopping and checking out "Big Ben" below.  Ginger buys a fuzzy thing - fashion statement.
Below & right Vicky shows me the cuffs Ken gave her after they had a few drinks.  It seems Vicky was about to join the "Five Mile High" club as a surprise from husband Ken.  Thirty years later they are still happily married, with many cherished  memories from over the years.
Left:  Part of making weight was running up and down this spiral staircase in silo shaped athlete's
housing at the Chrystal Palace National Sports Centre.
Below the girls play "catch-up" with all things uneaten the past week.
Below (3) The trip home!
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