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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
Sandra Coons Turned Forty on January 4th at the Rochelle VFW Club!
TR has earned a title that has not been used in a few years!  May I present Grampa Maxey - and the last in our branch of the family to have that title!  TR's first grandchild, Zachary Nordheim,  is pictured with daughter Sara - 3rd place winner at the 1992 Nationals in Rockford that we hosted!
Sandra Coons turned 40 at a surprise party held in the VFW Hall where Ross Papke, Jerry Houghtby, and TR are pictured admiring Sandra's Gifts! Sandra's Address:
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To the left are Maggie and Abby, Sandra's pride and joy!  We hope to update this photograph soon!
Sandra collected more National Titles than any other NCIJA player!
Important message from Ken Erwin:  "Sorry I couldn't make it to Sandy's party, but I had the flu or something.  I know I was on the head for sometime...."  Ken can be reached by email at:
Sandra with her mother Patricia!
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The NCIJA was in the top ten 12 times in the USJA Jr Nat'ls.
To the left is Rod Puckett, who brought more new members into the NCIJA than anyone in the 90's.  Rod works out with Andrew Snashell (Ron & Holly Wallace's boy) before the VWF party.  Rod's wife Kerry took 2nd in the '92 Nationals and is expecting their first child!  Remember Holly and Chad?  Email Rod at:  
Jason Brusky and T.R. chat prior to the VFW.
Jason was on our medical team at the '92 Natls.
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Bill, Sandra, and Rod Puckett
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Ben Papke finds he needs a couple of years to take on dad on the NCIJA mats in Rochelle!
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Jerry Houghtby and his wife Cathy recently celebrated their 11th anniversary in Mexico.  Jerry claims that when on the road now, like Mexico, he doesn't share a room with a dozen other folks, like in the good old days with the NCIJA!  Sit down food too!
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