NCIJA  Judo  Team  News
North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
Highlights from the Second Two Decades of the NCIJA - the 1980's and 1990's
Donna Diehl, Rob Diehl, Randy Hays, Bill, Kathy Diehl, Michelle Hays, and Ginger Lewallen - all place winners in Saint Louis with multiple national titles!
Bill and Rick Futrell - NCIJA 20th year party!
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Who's baby is this?  Here is a hint.... three different National place winners are in the photo to the right!  T.R.'s  baby
(Ryan Maxey) Ginger  and Sandra Coons
above the Garage!
To the right Mike and Holly Gabbard had dinner with Rod & Kerry Puckett and me on Super Bowl Sunday!
Someone PLEASE send be some photographs from the Nationals in Rockford!  I was too busy to gather any back then!
Above, Holly Puckett (now Gabbard) learns to never turn your back on a judo player!  She learned well - and she is now known as the "Savage Girl" except to husband Mike!
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To the left - Jamie Loggins is still making news in Rochelle!
Below is Jim Wenzel, Adam Rachuy, Brenda, and Dave Sharp at the NCIJA 20th anniversary party!
To the left.... Priscilla Cantu    Who is that you are about to smash to the mat when judo was at Einar's place? 
Ginny Soukup, 1990 Sombo World Team member to Moscow, make's snow angles in Iowa, where it was warmer than Russia!
And in Moscow, mother Barb won
a Bronze and a Mongolian Samurai!
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