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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
NCIJA Team Page Five - Featuring the best of NCIJA Judo & Sombo!
Above Bill, Ross Papke, DaveWatson
Herb Smith with Bill
at the VFW.
Perhaps the most published photograph of NCIJA history - TJ Riley thows using Harai goshi at Summerfest in Milwaukee before winning his National title in Decatur in 1975.  This picture was taken by Pat Zollars and was quite a source of pride for Dr. Hinderliter - TJ's step-father.  This photograph made the cover of "Judo Times" and was given a full page spread in Colorado US Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell's Judo textbook!
To the left is Rachelle Phillips, Bill, Ken Erwin, Donna Diehl, and Barb Comstock.  This picture and the two above it are from Bill's 50th birthday party in Rochelle!  This was truly a surprise party!
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The stork has arrived!  To the lower right is new dad Rod Puckett and to the even lower right is aunt Holly!  You are looking really Savage girl!  The baby and mother Kerry are doing fine and aunt Holly and uncle Mike are now playing catch-up!  Good luck to both couples - as Kerry says she's ready for another bundle of joy!  Rod says this little girl tipped the scales at eight pounds even!
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Can you tell Rod & Holly have never changed a dirty diaper before Emily arrived!  Really, was it that bad?
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The NCIJA Team wins the Second Annual Sambo National Championships held at the Phoenix YMCA in 1976.  Front row: 
T. R. Maxey, Rick Futrell, and Craig Hinderliter.  Back row:  Eric Chambers, Lonnie Corbet, and Mike Sanders.  TR won his division that year and continued competing, with this  last International competition in Russia representing the US at the World Sambo Championships in 1993.  I was Men's Head Coach for the USA Team that year - the first time I was Head Coach for an International Team with my brother as a team member!  TR is still the only NCIJA player to compete in Africa - '87 World Cup.
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