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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
NCIJA Team Page Fourteen - with over 10,000 hits SO FAR!
The Holidays were here - and some NCIJA folks made it home!  Dave Watson is 40!
Bill & Ginger in Dixon get together for the first time in 7 years!  Bill was Team Leader and Ginger a Silver medalist for the 1983 Pan Am Games in Caracas, Venezuela for Sombo.  Later Ginger & Bill were Silver medalist and Coach at the World Championships for Sombo in Madrid, Spain.
Mrs. Lewallen, Tony Regalado (3rd Place at the Rockford Natioals in judo in 1993) Ginger, Jesse Regalado with his girlfriend all joined us for lunch in Dixon over Thanksgiving.  Ginger's family lives in Houston, where the sun is still warm and obviously still capable of giving a great tan!  Ginger works out every day - and is ready for competition!  More information will be added in a couple of days.
OK gang - who is coming back to the area in the near future?
Another big event has been Dave Watson turning 40!
To the left:  Consuela & Dave Watson - but where is little Mattie, their latest?  The big event was held 3/20/04 in Rochelle's "T.J.'s" and a good time was had by all!  Below, Maureen Ann Wallace and Dave's mom Eleanor say hi for the camera.  Also Dave's father Kenneth is to the lower right.
A noteable birthday wish came by phone.  Tom Zollars of Phoenix chatted briefly with Dave for the special day - and also says hi to all!
William (Eric) Chambers
NCIJA Black Belt from the Dixon YMCA
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