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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
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Folks have asked about the Judo & Sombo video tapes we've collected for years!
Feel free to email me about the following titles - available in VHS or DVD-R and don't hesitate to ask about events not listed, as this list will be growing, as I have hundreds of hours of Judo & Sombo tapes from the past 45 years to sort.
Judo & Sombo VHS Tapes & DVD's
Kodokan Judo (early sixties)

Mifune - 10th dan

1964 Olympic Judo

1981 National Sports Festival - Judo for Women

1983 Sombo Nationals - Men

1983 Pan Am Games - Sombo - Men & Women

1983 FILA World Sombo Championships for Women

1984 European Judo Championships for Men

1984 Olympic Judo

1985 European Judo Championships for Women

1986 European Judo Championships for Women

1987 US Open Judo Championships - Finals

1993 World Judo Championships

1995 World Judo Championships

1997 World Judo Championships
Sad News from Rochelle, Ashton, Mount Morris, and California
June 3rd marked the passing of Laura Harper (Judah) who represented us locally and all the way to the Senior Nationals.  Also, Myrtle Loggins, mother of John Loggins, first year member of the NCIJA & a key instructor for our team.  Most recently we became aware that Doug Rude, early NCIJA Board of Directors Member and father of International Medalist Kevin Rude, died 7/16/04.  Doug's generosity to the NCIJA included sponsoring countless pig roasts that we'll always remember. 
On July 19, early NCIJA member Rodney Kepner died.  Rod's brother Jeff Kepner was a founding leader of the NCIJA and the support of Rod & Jeff's parents was essential for us making it through that first year. 
Our sincere sympathy goes out to each of the families in their time of loss.
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