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North Central Illinois Judo Association (formerly the Rochelle Judo Club)  Founded in March of 1966 by William D. Maxey - Hachidan
NCIJA Team Page Sixteen - with 10,000 Hits so far!!!
Work in Progress as we add pictures of little Valorie from Holly & Mike's expanding family!  Formerly Holly Puckett, young Holly has her hands full now!
And here she is in mom's hands.... and Holly never used any of my suggestions for a judo girl's name!
Little Valorie surrounded by love!
Finally, the hardware, the software, the time & the skill!  The first of the slides taken by H. D. Maxey are added to our pages.... and these are 4 from 1975 at the Westminster, Colorado Judo Classic - a real favorite in those early days!
There are many to follow, but I have over a thousand to sort through!
Left is Tom Zollars taking second.... and they let me present the trophies for this division!
This was one of our favorite annual events!
Above T. J. Riley takes a second just months before he finished first at the Nationals!
oach Maxey is with Mark Baine and Jerry Houghtby matside as we work through the competition.  We won our share of trophies as usual!
Above R & R in the Rockies - Greg Hackman & Jerry Houghtby
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